How Does A Narcissist Collapse?


In today’s topic, I’ll be talking about something called narcissistic collapse., So let’s dive deep into understanding what it is, how it begins, and what happens when a narcissist deeply, truly collapses. So, let’s begin.

Number 1: Definition.

Narcissistic collapse, in its simplest definition, means when a narcissist becomes aware of their rottenness within. When they realize how insecure and vulnerable they are in reality. When the distance, between the false self that they have created to kind of mask this reality of their personality it fades.

It breaks down, exposing the reality, the suffering, the rottenness that they never dealt with ever or even thought of doing so. The illusion that a narcissist creates with the creation of a false self comes with absolute entitlement, grandiosity, and the thinking like, ‘I am the god, there is no one ever like me, or who could overpower me or take my place.’

Number 2: The Illusion.

When the narcissistic collapse happens, this delusional kind of thinking breaks down; they meet with their reality face to face. The harshness of reality leaves them with no options to escape anymore or cover it up with things, people, or something that they used to do to cover up.

At this point of narcissistic collapse, most people have realized who the narcissist is in reality. People who were supporters, enablers, flying monkeys, and those who believed in their lies see the truth; see the real person behind the mask.

And thus, they are the ones at this point, who discard the narcissist, rendering the narcissist completely powerless. At once this reality or this sense of powerlessness sets in, and they start having or experiencing a complete mental breakdown, which shows up, as the symptoms of withdrawal, isolation, aggression, and depression.

You could see changes in their eating habits. It feels like a mouse trembling in a corner of the room, completely exposed, knowing that it can no longer eat or escape in the holes to grab things and eat them in a hidden way.

Number 3: Two Options.

When the narcissist completely breaks down, they are left with two options. One option is a narcissist realizes that they need help at this point, that they are struggling and this is how they inhabit throughout. They can seek help and maybe go to therapy or visit a professional, which is a very, very rare thing to happen.

The second option is they try to cover this up again through different defense mechanisms, such as becoming their supply, meaning they belittle those who discarded them, who saw the reality, by believing and creating the thought patterns or thoughts like ‘They did not deserve me’ or ‘They did not see my greatness’ or ‘I deserve to be treated well’ or ‘They are conspiring against me,’ so it’s like blaming it on other people again and not taking responsibility or not even considering to reflect.

So, it’s becoming their supply, but then ultimately, it is insufficient and the breakdown continues to the point where they reach a point of no recovery. This collapse usually begins around the age of 40, and that’s why narcissistic people around this age groom their supplies even more by pretending that they have changed a little or become softer in their approach; they can retain this group and have that control intact as the impending narcissistic collapse reaches.

They become aware that they are about to collapse yet deny it at the same time. Not all narcissists experience this, but those who do, do not recover from it. They break down, as I said, to the point of no recovery, and that is the point where the real suffering begins.

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