Narcissists And Eye Contact


In today’s topic, I will be talking about narcissists and eye contact because narcissists do a lot with their eyes. They intimidate, seduce, manipulate, lie, and abuse you with just a look. They know the messages they can communicate with their eyes alone and use them to their advantage. I only touched on one aspect some time ago with the malevolent stare or the evil eye that they give, but there is so much more when it comes to narcissism and eye contact.

Eye Contact and Its Impact

Eye contact is all about creating a connection, whether positive or negative. But like everything else, narcissists use eye contact in a very destructive manner. The eyes are powerful and important when experiencing life as a whole. Eye contact can influence and change our behavior. The way other people look at us can affect us, and that is why it is a part of the manipulation techniques used by narcissists to deceive, devalue, and intimidate us.

Everything is a game to the narcissist, and mastering eye contact is a part of that game. Narcissists know that with eye contact, they can make or break someone. They can make someone feel small and unimportant with just a look. They can make you question your sanity with a look. When I say narcissists are manipulative, you need to understand that they use every asset available to them to manipulate people.

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The Role of Eye Contact in Narcissism

Eye contact is significant to narcissists for many reasons. Not only do they give eye contact, but they want others to give them eye contact as well. In everyday communications, narcissists like to have eye contact with the people they are communicating with because they are eagerly looking for a reaction. They need to judge your feedback on the things they are saying to you, and they think it’s highly disrespectful when you do not give them your full attention.

So, they hate when the people they are communicating with are busy doing something else at the same time because they would prefer if you stop everything and give them your undivided attention.

Manipulative Uses of Eye Contact

Narcissists love to look you straight in the eye when they are belittling you or making some sarcastic or hurtful remark. Also, when they are giving you facial expressions of disappointment or unbelief, they like to look you straight in the eyes so that you can see exactly how they feel about you or what you are saying to them and feed off your reaction. Narcissists can be very convincing because many of them know the importance of eye contact, and that is why they can look you in the eye and lie to your face without a flinch.

Narcissists already know the right words to say and when to say them, so when they add eye contact to it, it can make it all believable. Narcissists are the type of people who would swear on their mother’s grave, the Bible, and just about anything, but still lie to you. They would do and say whatever is necessary to deceive you.

Narcissists are very dramatic, so when they are trying to convince you of something, they would maintain eye contact all through until they realize it is time to change the strategy. So, they will look away or fully turn away from you in tears or frustration to convince you that they are so hurt or upset that they can’t look at you anymore.

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Strategic Eye Contact

Narcissists know when to make eye contact and when to stop giving eye contact. Everything is strategic, and it is to create the best possible effect to win an argument or convince someone of something. When it comes to securing a mate, narcissists know how to single out that potential partner. They make it clear through the looks that they give, which can captivate and seduce.

Their intense, constant eye contact throughout the love bombing phase is part of what keeps us entranced with them and convinces us that we matter so much to them. They use eye contact to trap you, and there is a strong magnetic pull accompanied by an intense stare of passion or lust.

I’m personally starting to believe that all narcissists are witches, even if they are ignorant of it. That malignant supernatural force is still at work, whether they realize it or not. The older narcissists get, the darker their eyes become so that that dark and cold look found in their malevolent stare becomes almost permanent. No matter how much they smile or how they pretend to be happy, their eyes reveal the truth.

The truth is that their heart is filled with hate and darkness and the negativity they have inside for the people around them can be seen in their eyes. Edge cracks, the mask of the narcissus, and those eyes that they use to deceive manipulate, and hurt people only show the darkness that is within.

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The Blank Stare

The last thing about eye contact is that narcissists would give a blank stare, which is usually done to undermine you. It may be when you accuse them of something, or you just say or do something that they didn’t expect, but at the same time, it throws us off and makes us wonder if we were right to say or do that thing. It’s like they are trying to communicate “how dare you” in a very convincing way.


Narcissists are brilliant actors. They’ve mastered every word, every look, and every action down to the last letter. The levels of their manipulation run deep. But to conclude, I used to hear that liars cannot look people in the eye. Well, I guess the person who said that did not know about narcissists and the levels of deception and hurt that they can cause with the eye contact that they make.

Narcissists are bold-faced liars, manipulators, and abusers who will use everything they can to destroy you. When a narcissist makes eye contact with you, they are trying to transfer what they are feeling onto you, whether it be hate, disappointment, lust, doubt, or disgust. They want you to absorb it all. They are dangerous in so many ways.

All I can say is, break eye contact with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Protect yourself by maintaining your emotional and mental boundaries, and remember that you have the power to control your reactions and protect your well-being.

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