Tricks Narcissists Use To Manipulate Their Victim


Narcissists are masters of manipulation, who seem to have an arsenal of tricks. These individuals have an uncanny knack for pulling strings without you even realizing it. In this topic, we’re diving into the 10 sneaky maneuvers narcissists commonly use to manipulate their victims. By understanding these tactics, you’ll be better equipped to spot them in action and regain control of your narrative.

Number 1: Narcissists spread rumors to solicit sympathy.

They can be sneaky in how they mess with someone’s reputation. Suppose you have a colleague who spreads rumors faster than jam on toast. They might say you’re unreliable to make others dislike you. Suddenly, everyone’s giving you side glances at the office.

The narcissist pulls strings to make you look bad while they play the hero. You end up feeling left out, and they bask in sympathy. Spotting these moves helps you dodge their games and keep your composure.

Number 2: Narcissists suddenly go cold or silent on you.

Have you ever been with someone charming and gentle at first but kept their silence against you when you disagreed with them? Imagine being in a relationship with a narcissist. Everything is going great between you; suddenly, your narcissistic partner clams up when you bring up something important.

That’s the silent treatment in action. It’s a classic move narcissists use to control you without saying a word. It’s like hitting a wall; they’re trying to keep you in check and make you feel guilty for having your thoughts or needs. It’s their power move to keep you feeling uneasy in the relationship.

Number 3: Narcissists play favorites in a social group.

They play favorites in friend groups. They switch between giving someone lots of attention and then suddenly ignoring them. It keeps everyone on edge, always trying to please the narcissist. The narcissist decides who’s in or out like a weird game.

This tension makes people feel like they’re walking on eggshells; they constantly try to win the narcissist’s approval and wonder when they’ll be the next favorite. Narcissists make everyone compete for attention without even trying.

Number 4: Narcissists shift the blame in conflict situations.

They are sneaky when dodging responsibility. They use this trick called blame shifting. Suppose a narcissistic team member might consistently blame others for their mistakes or project delays in a team project. They keep doing this even when evidence points to their errors. They might redirect attention by saying, ‘If only my other teammates had done this on time, we wouldn’t be in this mess.’

Narcissists use this manipulation tactic to protect their ego. They can’t handle being seen as imperfect, so they pin their mess on someone else. Calling them out calmly and sticking to the facts can help. However, it’s tough because these people are pros at pointing fingers at others.

Number 5: Narcissists guilt trip their victims.

Suppose you’re a kid wanting to spread your wings, chase dreams, and maybe even move out. You’ve got big plans, and you’re all set to take off, but your narcissistic parent drops the guilt bomb: ‘I did everything for you, and now you’re leaving me.’ The guilt creeps in like a sneaky shadow, holding you back.

The narcissist pulls on your heartstrings to make you stay where they want you. Psychologists say this guilt trip is their ninja move to keep control over you. They’re stopping you from doing your thing and keeping you in their orbit. Recognizing this trick is like putting on your mental armor. It helps you see through their game and stand firm in your decisions.

Number 6: Narcissists prevent victims from reaching out to their support networks.

A narcissist might discourage you from spending time with your supportive friends or family members. Your friend might say your family is too much or your other pals are holding you back. It’s like a slow drip of doubt about the people who care about you. They subtly imply that they’re a bad influence or that you don’t need them.

This isolation increases the narcissist’s power and control over you. It’s like how a spider wraps up its prey in silk to have a feast without interruptions. Without your support network, narcissists have a direct line to mess with your head without anyone to call them out. So keeping those ties strong with your crew is critical to seeing through their game.

Number 7: Narcissists employ manipulative pity for favors.

They will make you feel bad for them so you’ll do what they want. Psychologists call it manipulative pity. It’s like when your coworker keeps whining about how overwhelmed they are with work or life. They’ll say, ‘I’m struggling right now. Could you handle this for me?’ to garner sympathy and assistance.

Suddenly, they’ve got you feeling sorry for them, so you’ll jump in to help. This move can make you feel obligated to lend a hand. When someone keeps painting a picture of how tough things are for them, it’s hard not to want to step in and help out. But that’s what the narcissist is counting on. They use your empathy as a tool to twist things their way.

Number 8: Narcissists bring up a third party to foster jealousy.

Suppose you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, all is going well, and suddenly your partner starts talking heaps about their ex. They pull this move to stir up jealousy. They might throw in a flirter or two with someone else to make you feel unsure about yourself. They use this manipulation to maintain control and validate their attractiveness. They keep the upper hand by making you feel like you’re in some love triangle drama. They feel more powerful by making you doubt your worth. Recognizing this game is the first step to not letting it work on you. Watch for these moves; they lose their power when you see them coming.

Number 9: Narcissists use manipulative flattery to gain favor.

They are smooth talkers who sprinkle compliments like confetti. They use flattery as a sneaky trick to get what they want. Suppose in school, this one specific student is a real charmer. They’ll praise a teacher’s lesson not because they mean it, but because they want something in return. It’s like buttering up to score points.

They might also compliment classmates to get them to do their homework. It’s all about manipulating through praise. These narcissists are all about stroking egos but not in a genuine way. It’s more like a strategy from their playbook. They know how to lay it on thick to reel people in. They make them feel special while aiming for personal gain.

Number 10: Narcissists play mind games by denying their victim’s reality.

Suppose you’re chatting with a friend, and they suddenly say something mean but act like it never happened when you bring it up later. They might claim, ‘I never said that.’ It’s like a mind game where they twist reality. Psychologists call this gaslighting. It’s when someone messes with your head to make you doubt yourself. They’ll make you question your memory or what you saw or heard.

They make you feel like you’re going crazy. This kind of manipulation messes with your confidence and makes you doubt yourself. It’s like narcissists are rewriting history right in front of you. Gaslighting makes you question your reality, but remember, your experiences and feelings are valid. Individuals can empower themselves by spotting these sneaky tactics.

Remember, manipulation thrives in secrecy. So shining a light on these tricks helps break the cycle. It’s crucial to prioritize your well-being and seek support if you suspect you’re being manipulated. Knowledge and self-care are your best tools in dealing with such challenging situations.

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